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NXT Alpha Rex: avoiding obstacles

I built NXT Alpha Rex and I tested two applications from next two links:
Both work very well.

To dowload a short video click on this link:

The NXC application (that use BTlib.nxc made by Daniele Benedettelli) is a sample to test NXT motors/sensors/buttons/display/bluetooth
(default ports connection) features.
To test a remote control via bluetooth you can use the C# application included.
Steps tu uses both (C# and NXC) applications together:
1) Turn on NXT.
2) Run C# application and click connect.
3) Wait until connection is active.
4) Run NXT application (FeaturesTest1.nxc).
Download source code:

My self in ASCII art

Click to this link to see me in ASCII art: Toni Greco.
These console applications shows that is possible to write a simple videogame just knowing only the basics things (not array, not method, …) about programming  using C#.
The first sample just the basic to start to work, the second one is little bit more complete.
User help
Press any key to close intro animation screens.
Press Esc to quit while playing.
Use left and right arrow to move your ship.
Use space bar to shot (only one shot can be on screen a time).
Imperial Shuttle is unvulnerable.
The caption of console window show title and user/computer points,
for example:
                 Console Stars Battle (5 – 3)
The program terminate when user and/or computer gains 100 points.
Try it in full-screen too (Alt-Enter keys).
To download these projects:

This sample use Flex (Builder demo version or free command line SDK) to build a Flash (version 9 required) web application.
This application is a simple blog news editor.
You can download Flex Builder and/or SDK starting from here:
To work only with SDK i suggest to use JEDIT ( following instructions explained here:
This sample uses SQL Server and .NET Handler.ashx (C#) in server side.
At this time login/register parts are not implemented, so you can try application clicking to login (or Cancel to enter in read only mode) without write name annd password.
Link to try apllication:
Please don’t change the content of news already inserted, if you want you can add one or more and edit these.
Some times i will delete the news added not bt me.
Below here you can see some pictures, SQL Server table too.


Building a web site we can use many different technologies. This example show how integrate AJAX with data in JSON format. Data is build from  ASP.NET page (code in C#) reading from remote SQL Server.
To see the example at work click here:
Javascript source code is adapted by me from article by Alessandro Lacava (
To download the project:

When security is a concern it is better to use a JSON parser:
Javascript parser source code:
It’s also a good idea to use a "JavaScript Verifier":

Conchiglia 2007

<This news is only for italian school, so it’s in italian language>
Dal presente link è possibile scaricare un documento PDF riguardante gli adempimenti per l’esame di stato di quinta superiore, con particolare riferimento al programma Conchiglia: Conchiglia2007.pdf.
Il presente documento è stato redatto, la prima volta, dopo aver terminato gli esami di stato del 2005 ed aggiornato dopo l’esame del 2007. In entrambi i casi ho utilizzato alcuni appunti e tutto quello che sono stato in grado di ricordarmi. Ne consegue che non si tratta di un documento ufficiale e che probabilmente conterrà vari errori ed imprecisioni. Se, per un prossimo esame, lo volete utilizzare come supporto di riferimento non dimenticatevi che lo fate a vostro rischio e pericolo, e che l’autore del presente documento non può essere ritenuto in alcun modo responsabile per problemi, errori, omissioni e quant’altro derivi dall’utilizzo – parziale o completo – e dalla consultazione del presente documento.
This time the NXT robot try to follow a path on the same route used with RCX robot.

Second pic shows a custum block example. Using blocks can make the projects more short and nice .

First tests with Lego NXT

The first NXT robot I built it’s about the same that paper manual show.
I added a touch sensor on the arm, I raised ultrasonic sensor (now it work better). I maked also some other little changes too.
Here the connections list:



Arm Motor


Right Wheel Motor


Left Wheel Motor


Touch Sensor


Audio Sensor (Microphone)


Forward Light Sensor


Ultrasonic Sensor (Distance)
The first program (pic 2) simply read light sensor (other version read also the ultrasonic) to show on display.
The second program (pic 1, but use this link to see it better:, after an audio command, make robot advances until it’s near to the ball, then it try to center on it (to see better its color), then it try to hit the ball.
You can also see the movie of second program: