Category: Web Developping

This sample use Flex (Builder demo version or free command line SDK) to build a Flash (version 9 required) web application.
This application is a simple blog news editor.
You can download Flex Builder and/or SDK starting from here:
To work only with SDK i suggest to use JEDIT ( following instructions explained here:
This sample uses SQL Server and .NET Handler.ashx (C#) in server side.
At this time login/register parts are not implemented, so you can try application clicking to login (or Cancel to enter in read only mode) without write name annd password.
Link to try apllication:
Please don’t change the content of news already inserted, if you want you can add one or more and edit these.
Some times i will delete the news added not bt me.
Below here you can see some pictures, SQL Server table too.


Building a web site we can use many different technologies. This example show how integrate AJAX with data in JSON format. Data is build from  ASP.NET page (code in C#) reading from remote SQL Server.
To see the example at work click here:
Javascript source code is adapted by me from article by Alessandro Lacava (
To download the project:

When security is a concern it is better to use a JSON parser:
Javascript parser source code:
It’s also a good idea to use a "JavaScript Verifier":