I am working to extend AnimationPlayer. Here a list of what i wanna add.

  1. blending two animation clip (track/AnimationSet)
  2. blending betweens two consecutive keyframe transform (so they can be less numerous)
  3. store bone name to quick search for these uses:
    1. add some vertex to selected bone: I use these to find, for example, where a line of a blade sword is, for collision test
    2. add a transform to a bone: I use it, for example, to calculate transform of sword mesh to put it in hand of animated model
    3. set for each bones (and its soons) to use a specific clip animation (AnimationSet)
  4. inverse cinematic, for example, to rotate model head so it look at a specific direction
  5. using only one instance of the same FX file
  6. add shadow map (and post filter) and better light calculation in FX file (4 light max)

Here some pictures:

Go to site download area to see some movies: click here.

The source code will be downloadable from my blog pages when it will be completed.
At this time is not completed, I am working on other features, but not very fast, just in free time.
Source code has many dirty parts inside, because I am doing many experiments, I also will clean it before share it.
I will write here (in this post) code progressions, and also when it will be ready for download.