I am working for a tutorials for my students (I teach computer science in a secondary school), here the first test.

Please feel free to write suggestions and/or use it if you like.

/// <summary>
/// Tutorial 1 – from XNA help and forum community contributes – by Toni Greco
/// _Interactive 2D graphic application_
/// In project folders "tmpWorkingArea" you find some middle steps to build media.
/// Features:
///     resizable window (but then it go behind all others: bug?)
///     toggle fullscreen/window mode (Home-Enter)
///     control player ball with arrow keys
///     background fixed (bitmap from Spacewar demo)
///     XACT sounds
///     press Esc to exit
///     it shows fps using XNAExtras
///     it tray to maximize fps (no vertical sync.)
///     simple collision test/response
///     sprite with transparent and semi-transparent pixels (alpha channel in dds)
/// Special thanks for Gary Kacmarcik sharing his
/// "Creating Bitmap Fonts using bmfontgen".
/// </summary>

The link to download the project: